I have been very fortunate in life so far. Many good things that happened in life were incidental. Nothing really was planned. Things like acting in a movie, appearing in a television ad, becoming an entrepreneur, working as the CEO of an IT firm, studying YOGA and meditation etc. just happened to me. If you ask me what is the biggest achievement in my life, it sure is the opportunity I got to travel. The amount of exposure I have gained through travelling and living in more than 38 countries is abundant.

Many people find it difficult to talk about themselves especially people from certain regions of the world. I have interviewed hundreds of candidates for various job positions during my active working years.  The interviews would usually begin with me asking candidates to talk about themselves. In response, I have seen many of them fumbling and becoming uncomfortable to talk about themselves formally. Maybe this happens due to the general modest behavior of certain people or just because they never got trained to do so.

Another typical example of multi-cultural harmony in Vancouver. Seen with me are people from Korea, Trinidad and Russia.

After coming to Canada, I attended a few seminars and classes that were conducted with the initiative of the Government of Canada to help newcomers settle down fast. In one of the classes, I came across 'the elevator pitch'. The concept of the elevator pitch goes like this. When you get into an elevator, you meet someone who you think could offer you your dream job. At this point, you need to introduce yourself in 30 seconds. Why 30 seconds? That is the average time an elevator takes to travel one floor. Your task is to talk about yourself  in 30 seconds in the most impressive way. Now, the 30 second limitation is crucial because this is all the time you get to impress your prospective employer. But what all will you tell about yourself in this time ?  The 'WASP' concept is meant exactly for this situation. W is your work experience. A stands for Academics, S is your Skills  and P stands for your Personal interests like hobbies etc.

Here goes 'my' elevator pitch..

" Hello, I am Bino Mathew and I am a freelance IT consultant. I earned my Bachelors degree with Physics as major and I have studied a number of short term IT coursers. Over the years, I have been recognised for my technical expertise and for my business management skills. In my spare time I love traveling to new places or studying a new subject."


"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

- Aristotle

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

- Socrates

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